We are part of one of the largest global players in the electric sector and play a leadership role in the development of renewable energy sources in the country. We operate across the entire energy chain, with activities in the areas of generation, distribution, transmission, and commercialization, as well as energy solutions.



Through three distribution companies in the states of Rio de Janeiro, Ceará, and São Paulo, we provide energy to more than 15 million residential, commercial, industrial, rural, and public sector customers.


In the generation segment, the company is also the largest operator of solar and wind energy in Brazil in terms of installed capacity, managing a total renewable capacity of over 4.3 GW, of which more than 2.1 GW comes from wind sources, approximately 1.2 GW from solar sources, and about 1.3 GW from hydro sources.


We also have Small Hydroelectric Power Plants (SHPs) in various states and a combined-cycle thermoelectric plant (gas and steam) in Ceará.


In the commercialization market, we buy and sell conventional and incentivized energy in the Free Market in various states.


To continue playing a leading role in the world of energy, we also act as an integrator of intelligent solutions, connecting our residential and business customers to the technologies that are transforming the traditional electric sector - distributed generation, automation, energy storage, and electric mobility, among other innovative solutions.


The activities of generation, distribution, transmission, commercialization, and energy solutions are under the control of the Enel Brasil holding, a privately held corporation.


An Innovative and Sustainable Company


Innovation and sustainability are two very important pillars of our operations. We believe that a company cannot be sustainable without continuous innovation, while also ensuring that innovation always focuses on sustainability.


Therefore, in line with the Creating Shared Value (CSV) model adopted by the company worldwide, we aim to link the development of our business to the needs of Brazilian communities and undertake various initiatives to enable income generation, such as courses, workshops, and other social projects.


Furthermore, we explicitly commit to achieving four of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations: ensuring access to clean and affordable energy, supporting quality education, contributing to socioeconomic development, and combating climate change.

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