For over 50 years, Enel has brought progress to people around the world. Since its foundation in 1962, Enel has worked tirelessly to enable individuals, businesses, and nations to thrive by providing access to gas and electricity systems and services tailored to their needs.


To achieve this goal, we are constantly embracing new technologies to make our energy more reliable, accessible, and sustainable - the introduction of the first smart meter and our role as a global leader in renewable energy production are examples of this commitment. We are now entering a new and exciting era for energy, an era of participation where everyone is connected and has the opportunity to address the world's major challenges.


Open Power to Address Global Challenges

In today's complex and ever-evolving world, we must multiply our impact and be open to truly address the world's major challenges. That's why we are offering our services to more people in more countries, empowering local economies, and expanding access to energy. "Openness" is a key element of the Group's strategic and operational approach. For us, "Open Power" means tackling some of the world's greatest challenges.


Our Mission

Open Power means opening access to energy for more people; opening the energy universe to new technologies; opening new ways of managing energy; opening new energy uses; and opening more partnerships. These ambitious goals are pursued by us with the passion of those who want to change the world. In detail, our mission is as follows:



We are opening access to energy for more people

We are expanding to reach more people and connect them to safe and sustainable energy, especially in South America and Africa.


We are opening the world of energy to new technologies

We are the pioneers in development and application of new technologies to generate and distribute more sustainable energy, especially through renewable sources and smart grids.


We are opening new ways for people to manage energy

We are developing processes that meet people's real needs, helping them use and manage energy more efficiently, specifically through smart meters and digitalization.


We are opening new energy uses

We are developing new services that use energy to address global challenges, with a special focus on connectivity and electric transportation.


We are opening new partnerships

We are working with a growing network of partners in research, technology, new product development, and marketing to build new solutions together.



Carbon Neutral by 2040

We are committed to renewable energy sources, particularly hydroelectric, wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, and cogeneration. Alongside our partners, we are developing environmentally-friendly technologies.


With regard to decarbonization goals set in the Paris Agreement and COP 26, Enel will advance its "Net Zero" commitment by ten years, from 2050 to 2040. This applies to both direct and indirect emissions, without relying on any offset measures such as CO2 removal technologies or nature-based solutions. Enel is working closely with the United Nations Global Compact, Clinton Global Initiatives, and other projects to jointly achieve this goal.


Smart as the Internet

Generating carbon-neutral energy is not enough. We are also working on smarter, data-driven ways to analyze energy consumption in real-time, distribute energy more efficiently, and enable entirely new services for people. These smart grids provide electricity only when and where it is needed, reducing costs and waste while simultaneously contributing to environmental protection.


Sustainability Achieved Through Innovation

Aligned with the approach of our Open Power strategy, Enel has placed environmental, social, and economic sustainability at the core of its corporate culture and is implementing a sustainable development system based on creating shared value, both within and outside the company. Sustainability, a goal that must be achieved through innovation processes, is at the heart of the Open Power strategy.


We are part of the United Nations Global Compact and committed to making a concrete contribution to four of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): providing access to energy and education, contributing to the socioeconomic development of the communities we operate in, taking action against climate change, and achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.


Integration of environmental protection and biodiversity into the company's strategy is a key factor in Enel's business plan. We currently support approximately 160 projects for the conservation of plant and animal species in 14 countries.


Innovation in Everyone's Daily Life

Imagine a world where devices are automatically charged during off-peak energy hours, mobility is electric, lights respond to your movements, high-speed internet reaches rural areas, and each of us becomes an energy producer. In an open innovation network, we work with a wide range of partners to make this world a reality for individuals, businesses, and cities, and to develop services we could never have imagined.


Start Small, Think Big

Inspiration and innovation can come from anywhere. That's why we are always seeking ideas, inspiration, and know-how beyond the boundaries of our company. We work on modern collaboration platforms that enable interaction with anyone: a university student, an energy startup, and a multinational partner. Only by rethinking our approach to innovation can we truly disrupt the industry and develop technologies and solutions with the power to shake up old markets and build entirely new ones.