We are a multinational company and one of the leading integrated players in the global energy and gas markets. We work to connect businesses, individuals, and entire countries to energy: we operate in 29 countries across five continents, generating energy with an renewable installed capacity of around 63 GW, and a network that spans 1.9 million kilometers.


We serve millions of end-users around the world and have the largest customer base among our European competitors, positioning ourselves as leaders in installed energy capacity in Europe.


The Enel Group consists of approximately 61.000 people worldwide, who always work with our values - Responsibility, Innovation, Trust, and Proactivity - in mind, aiming to achieve our Open Power goal, to address some of the world's greatest challenges.


Openness is the cornerstone of our strategy. Therefore, we work to ensure that our services reach more and more people, boost local economies, and expand access to energy.



We are Open Power to improve the future for everyone, drive sustainable progress, leave no one behind and make the planet a more welcoming place for future generations. We are Open Power, and our goal is to overcome some of the world's most significant challenges. This should be achieved through a new approach that combines a focus on sustainability with the best in innovation.


Innovation and Sustainability


We understand that sustainability will not develop itself without continuous innovation. And innovation is meaningless if it is not directed towards sustainability.


Just as sustainability is not solely about the environment, innovation is not limited to technology alone.


Inspiration and innovation can come from anywhere. That's why we are open and always seeking ideas, inspiration, and knowledge from outside our company. We are constantly working towards developing collaboration platforms that allows contributions from everyone: students, energy startups, and partners.


We understand that being a leader in the energy sector means playing a significant role in the fight against climate change and its impact on people's lives.


In 2004, we joined the United Nations Global Compact. Each passing year, our commitment and investment grow larger. Today, we are involved in 4 of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals - and our work is aimed at contributing to social, economic, and environmental sustainability.



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