In Brazil, we play a leadership role in the renewable generation market through the subsidiary Enel Green Power Brasil.




Enel Green Power: Enel is currently the leader in solar energy generation and one of the largest wind energy players in the country through its subsidiary, Enel Green Power Brasil. The EGPB manages a total renewable capacity of approximately 6.0 GW, with more than 3.3 GW coming from wind sources, about 1.4 GW from solar sources, and approximately 1.3 GW from hydro.

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We are one of the largest private players in the country in terms of served consumer units. In the states of Rio de Janeiro, Ceará, and São Paulo, the company provides electricity to over 15 million households, industries, and commercial establishments.



Enel Distribution Ceará: Distributes electricity to approximately 4.4 million consumer units across 184 municipalities in Ceará, covering a territory of 148,825 km². Based in Fortaleza, it has operational centers that assist in the operation and maintenance of the entire state of Ceará, with service stores and two mobile units.





Enel Distribution Rio: Serves approximately 3.2 million consumer units in 66 municipalities in the state of Rio de Janeiro, with an estimated population of 6.5 million residents. It currently has service points in the state.



Enel Distribution São Paulo: Supplies electricity to 7.9 million customers in 24 municipalities in the metropolitan region of São Paulo, including the capital city, one of Brazil's and the world's major economic and financial centers.



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Enel is the choice for accessing the free energy market for companies in various sectors: food, automotive, healthcare, pulp and paper, chemical, shopping centers, steel, and glass, among others.




Enel Trading: In the free energy market, Enel Trading meets the specific needs of different businesses in any region of the country, allowing its customers to choose renewable energy from their own generation plants and from Enel Green Power Brasil.

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We aim to be protagonists in changing the way people interact with energy, and we are also paying attention to the emergence of new markets.



Enel X: Focused on the development and commercialization of integrated and intelligent energy solutions, including customized products and services in the areas of electrical infrastructure, distributed generation, energy efficiency, automation, energy storage, as well as billing and commercialization services on electricity bills.

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Enel X Way: It is the new global business line of the Enel Group dedicated exclusively to electric mobility. Currently, Enel X Way manages around 500,000 charging points and serves as a global e-Mobility platform.

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