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Digital Inclusion and Circular Economy

Donation of 75 pre-owned notebooks from the company to five institutions in the Conta Contigo Program: Associação Beneficente O Pequeno Nazareno, Hospital São José Volunteers Association, Education and Oncology Studies Group, First Childhood Institute and Child Care and Protection Society of Fortaleza


Sport with Citizenship in Traditional Communities

The initiative promotes sporting activities such as field football and futsal associated with human rights and citizenship workshops, benefiting 194 children and adolescents from traditional communities in the municipality of Caucaia.


Sport with Citizenship in Traditional Communities 

Enel Distribution Ceará inaugurated, at the Cumbuco Tourism Support Center, in Caucaia, an ecopoint of the Ecoenel program, which exchanges recyclable waste for a discount on customers' energy bills.


Enel Shares Culture

The Creative Cities Laboratory project: urban design and cultural occupation program, envisages the carrying out of urban intervention in the city of Fortaleza, with paintings and urban furniture. The project's actions will be developed free of charge and open to the public, benefiting youth in situations of high vulnerability and/or low HDI.


Enel Shares Network Leadership

The project, which works with community leaders in 35 municipalities in Ceará, held the competition with the theme of population safety during the holidays and June festivities. As a result, three thousand people in 14 municipalities and 35 schools benefited.


  Enel Distribution Rio




Enel Shares Opportunity celebrates the Graduation of the Citizen Soldier class

We graduated 50 soldiers into Electricity Distribution Network Electricians, carried out in partnership with Senai, together with the Brazilian Army. The initiative is part of the Enel Share Opportunity program, which offers free professional training and employability courses for young people and adults.


Enel Shares Eficiency donates refrigerators to families affected by heavy rains

A donation of 150 refrigerators was made in Petrópolis and Carapebus for families affected by the heavy rains of 2022. The initiative is part of a series of solidarity actions that the company directed to the population of the locations most affected after the storm that hit several regions of the state.


CINE + is highlighted in 5 municipalities

Between April and June, the cinema rooms of the CINE+ project, sponsored by Enel through the Culture Incentive Law, were handed over. The events were held in the municipalities of Areal, Guapimirim, Itaocara, Casimiro de Abreu and Paraty. The municipality of Casimiro de Abreu also received interventions in the squares around the cinemas by the LAB Cidades Criativas project. The forecast is that around 3,500 people will visit the 5 cinemas in 2023.


Enel Distribuição Rio publishes the final result of the Public Call

Enel released the results of the 2022 Public Call for Projects, with the selected proposals for energy efficiency projects. The amounts made available for CPP 2022 were MR$ 2.5 and the customers covered were the municipalities of Maricá and Cantagalo (Public Lighting) and Angra dos Reis (enhancing the facilities of the municipality's Water and Sewage Company).


Incentivized Projects    

The encouraged projects Enel Share Culture and Sports and Leisure were the highlights of the period, reaching R$711 thousand in generated income and R$1.7 million in spontaneous media. Until June, 22 municipalities benefited from the 36 projects in progress, with emphasis on the inaugurations of Energia para Vencer, Grão de Areia, Muay Thai sem Fronteiras, Afrogrames, Lona na Lua, Escolas Criativas, Cine + and LAB Cidades Criativas. By the end of 2023, 13 more project launches are planned.


  Enel Distribution São Paulo




Enel Shares Opportunity

The Enel Share Opportunity program, in partnership with SENAI and Enel SP suppliers working in the Smart Meter project, certified 181 students as network electricians. The work integrated with the Grids Futurability strategy enabled these people to gain quality training and job and income opportunities. There are currently several people employed through the project, which will continue in the coming months.


Enel Shares Efficiency

A partnership between the Bom Prato Program (State Government), Metrô and Enel promoted the initiative to encourage conscious consumption by the distributor's customers by exchanging inefficient light bulbs for LED models, benefiting 3,616 people.


Network Gardens | Itaquera garden opening​​

The second vegetable garden was opened in partnership with the Cidades Sem Fome Organization. The project is developed in the Itaquera neighborhood (east zone of SP) with a focus on generating work and income. ​The site, which suffered from invasions and incorrect disposal of solid waste, now has a productive vegetable garden as a benefit to the surrounding community.



  Enel Green Power




Symphony of Tomorrow

Music education projects developed in public schools in the areas influenced by Enel Green Power plants, through sponsorship. It contributes to reducing school dropouts and preserving and encouraging local culture, such as the Acordes do Campestre initiative carried out in the municipality of Dom Inocêncio/PI, which aims to spread the Sanfona culture, and which in the first semester benefited 107 students.


Enel Shares Opportunity | Training and Hiring Local Labor

​​​​Program that brings together employability projects involving training, training and job opportunities for workers from municipalities in the areas influenced by Enel Green Power's works. In addition to producing a good relationship between the company and communities, the initiative strengthens the economy and local workers by generating income. In the 1st half of 2023, 3,183 people benefited, with emphasis on the Tracker Assembly Course, which trained 60 women and achieved 60% effectiveness in hiring.


Enel Shares Green Attitude |Sustainable Semi-Arid

With pillars for the development of Sustainable Infrastructure, Agro-food Production and Environmental Education, the actions implemented through the Sustainable Semi-Arid Project have already benefited 25 local communities and more than 100 families in the semi-arid region of Bahia with the installation of 33 Biowaters; 25 banana eco-septic tanks; 85 Cisterns; 45 Aqualuz and 60 Productive Quintals. In the first half of 2023, technical assistance actions, workshops and training in entrepreneurship, production of Sequilhos and Petit Four benefited 488 people.


Dialogues – Social Communication Plan

The Program encompasses projects and channels that connect Enel with local communities through dialogue and information sharing through continuous visits by Mobile Ombudsmen and campaigns and meetings with local stakeholders such as community leaders, political representatives and government institutions. In addition to visits to residents who are in the area of ​​direct influence of the park works, the team is available to discuss and resolve issues related to the progress of the projects, how this may impact them and the importance of these initiatives. In the first half of 2023 we had 1,433 people benefited.




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